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The President's Corner (September 2022)

Hello Meadows Community!

Can you believe that summer is already over? It feels like it just flew by! Now that summer is over, and school is beginning again, please be cautious of the speed limit within The Meadows (15 MPH).

Just a reminder that the Board still has one open seat! If you are interested in filling the seat, please contact the Office to fill out the Board Member Application Form!

At the August Board Meeting, the Board voted in favor of amending the rule regarding the planting of fruits and vegetables within The Meadows (Section VI. Rules Governing Property, Rule 9B. The previous rule prohibited fruits, herbs, and vegetables from being planted anywhere in the community, even within pots on balconies/patios. After hearing the community’s concerns regarding this rule, the rule was amended to the following:

“Herbs, vegetables, and fruit trees are not permitted to be planted in garden beds or into the ground within The Meadows, but are permitted to be planted within pots, window boxes, and/or planter boxes that are designed for gardening purposes and placed on balconies, rear patios, and/or front patios. The Co-owner/resident shall be responsible for the maintenance and pest control for such plants. Ivy and other invasive ground covering plants are prohibited.”

The Board would like to thank the community for expressing their concerns and working with the Board to come to a meeting point on this matter.

As always, if you observe a resident violating the Rules and Regulations, please contact the office with the details of the violation.

Have a great September!

~Kristina Berry

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